Air | Montessori Inspired Activities

Air Montessori Inspired Activities

These ‘Air’ Montessori inspired activities are a great follow up to our Land Water Air Montessori inspired learning unit. Each of the 6 trays can be easily adapted to what you have on hand in your home. Toddlers and preschoolers will love these hands on Montessori inspired activities about air.

You can combine this with our other 3 units for an entire month of Land Water Air scientific exploration! First start with the classic Land Water Air Montessori inspired activities. Then move on to ‘land’ with the Continents of the World Montessori inspired activities. After that you can dive into ‘water’ with our Oceans of the World Montessori inspired activities. Finally wrap it up with the ‘air’ unit which we explain here. See details below!

Land Water Air Montessori Activities


Out of land water and air, air is the hardest to teach little kids about because you cannot touch it. That is why these hands-on activities are so helpful. Little kids like to touch everything! That’s how they learn.

The first tray is all about cicadas. You could easily substitute another winged insect like a butterfly, dragonfly, or ladybug. Whatever you have locally. We just had a 17 year cycle of cicadas so there were thousands of them in our yard…I’m not kidding!

Every child in our neighborhood was fascinated with these peculiar creatures. It was a special year, so we selected that as our winged insect that flies through the air.

The next two trays were inspired by Montessori By Mom. The balloon rocket was simple enough to make. Loop a straw over a long piece of string and tie the string to two chairs that are at least 6′ apart.

The boat tray was very popular with the neighborhood kids and we set them up in a kiddie pool. We ended up rebuilding our boats with foam sails so they wouldn’t get soaked when they tipped over.

Although, I know foam not an environmentally friendly choice, that is what we had in our supply box. You could use other plastic items from your recycle bin too! The ship picture is from the land, water, air classification cards linked below.


The book we chose for this Montessori inspired learning unit about air is called Air Is All Around You. It was perfect for this lesson and even included two more activities (experiments!) you can try at home to explore the concepts of air.

Air is all around you montessori

I even found out our son’s Montessori school was using the same book for their discussions about land, water, and air!

Air is all around you montessori book


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