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We share Montessori inspired activity ideas for young kids to learn about the human body including activities for the skeleton, brain, heart and digestive and nervous systems. This toddler and preschooler Montessori inspired learning unit is budget friendly and simple to set up. We share links to all the wonderful free printables and online resources we’ve used for this learning unit.

Learning about the human body is great anytime of the year! You can set up this Montessori inspired learning unit during any season.

It’s fun during the fall as a lead up to Halloween with skeletons. During the winter, it can tie in nicely with studying germs and how to keep clean and healthy. And, in the spring or over the summer, it is a great way to compare humans (vertebrates) with other animals such as worms, snails, or sea creatures like octopi and starfish (invertebrates).

Human Body Montessori Activities


Our Montessori trays for the Human Body learning unit consist of 6 activities. Four out of the six are about the human skeleton.

There is just so much to cover with learning about the human body. You could certainly extend this learning unit into an entire month of study if your child seemed interested. However, I find it easiest to have one focus area, which in this case was about bones, and use a variety of ways to explore that.

HUMAN BODY Montessori activity trays

First, we have a tray to discuss and create an x-ray. Second, we have a basket for counting bones (q-tips) with tally marks. Third, we have a printed child-sized skeleton puzzle. And, finally, there is a craft tray using pasta in different shapes and sizes to create a skeleton.

In addition to the skeleton theme activities, we have a coloring and writing booklet that discusses all systems in the human body, and some do-a-dots from Living Montessori Now for the brain and heart.



The Body kids book
The Body kids book Montessori

We used The Body book and Inside My Amazing Body booklet to discuss other areas of the human body like the human digestive system and circulatory system. You can watch our video to see more of what is inside both books.

Montessori Human Body Skeleton activity


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