Dinosaurs | Montessori Inspired Activities

Dinosaur Montessori Activities and Learning Unit

We share six Montessori inspired dinosaur activities for toddlers and preschoolers. These dinosaur activities are fun anytime of year. Dinosaurs are a great way to introduce living, non-living, and once-living things in the world around us. Send your little explorers out in the yard or a park to collect objects that they can then categorize.

We started this unit with a Dinosaur hunt in the yard and ended it with a trip to the museum. We are so lucky to live in Washington DC where we have the Smithsonian museums. They are free! We just hop on the metro train and can explore the museums as long as our legs will allow.

Dinosaur Montessori Inspired Activities

The Smithsonian museums were closed for many months due to the pandemic. They have been recently opening on limit days, so make sure to check each museum’s website for specific information.

For this unit we visited the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. They have an amazing exhibit, the Hall of Fossils, with dinosaur fossils and a timeline of planet Earth.


Our Dinosaur Montessori trays either explore dinosaurs, or the ideas of categorizing things as living, once living, or non living. We have two trays that are from an excavation kit which I highly recommend getting for its T-Rex skeleton.

If you are looking for more budget friendly options you can take dinosaur mini figures and freeze them in ice that can be excavated. You can also hide rocks and other objects in dirt in a sensory tray.

We’ve really enjoyed this set of dinosaurs. They are colorful and a great size for imaginary play. In the booklet provided with the dinosaurs, they even show how large each dinosaur was by adding a scale figure human!

Montessori Inspired Dinosaur Unit


Usborne Dinosaurs Book
Usborne Dinosaur peep inside Book

The Usborne Peep Inside book set makes a wonderful gift. Our Dinosaur book is from this set. The Peep Inside series and Look Inside series have been very popular at our house. You can buy the books individually as well.

Montessori Dinosaur Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers


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